Here to visually stimulate the masses.


Even as a small child Dylan was creative: as soon as he could pick up a marker it was straight to the drawing board be it paper, the closest wall or if those did not suffice β€” himself.


His origin story includes schooling in Graphic Design, Business, Advertising, and Marketing as well as a Certified Photographer. He is fluent in many Design tools and UX/UI experience help him navigate the constantly changing digital space. 


A constant itch to learn new things pushes Dylan to pursue such disparate passions as Philosophy, Psychology, Music, Party tricks, and a sanity-preserving pint every now and then. 


Today, Dylan Weller uses his varied talents for clients internationally. A visionary and dreamer first, this jack of all trades resists pigeonholing himself to specific mediums or skill sets.


He can often be found in his natural environs: At the beach or park enjoying the moment when the weather permits, skateboarding at his favourite local spots, reading in the sunlight, writing music, catching a concert, curled up with his loving and supportive girlfriend, or working on one of his many side-projects. Dylan is ready to take on whatever the world has to throw at him, with his signature Rock 'n' roll threaded tranquility.